How do parents involve in Hillview?

1. Orientation
According to the current regulations by the Provincial Licensing Office, each parent is required to complete 10 hours of training in September (or January for the late entry if applicable) before going on duty in the preschool. This can be completed through these steps:

  • Filling out Registration Forms with the Enrolment Officer before September
  • Classroom Observation, Meet-and-Greet and Orientation with the Teacher around the beginning of September
  • Parent Manual Study on your own regularly at home
  • Annual General Meeting with the Executive around mid-September

Note: If a parent has an older child who previously enrolled in Hillview before, he/she is still required to fulfill 5 hours of orientation for the current enrolling child.

2. Parent Executive and Non-Executive Jobs
As part of a non-profit organization in Burnaby, each parent is committed to volunteer as part of the executive and/or non-executive team. As he/she brings different skills and experiences (eg. writing, marketing, coordinating, fixing, sewing, etc.) to the parent community, the Personnel Officer is dedicated to help him/her in finding a role that is best suited for his/her expertise within the time commitment.

3. General and Executive Meetings
Each parent is required to attend evening meetings on a monthly basis in Burnaby. During these meetings, he/she would have opportunities to connect with other like-minded ones to create a strong local community while discussing the business of the preschool. It is an excellent time for parents to voice their opinions and have a say in their child’s education.

4. Fundraising
In order to keep up with the costs of running a strong and vibrant preschool program, we are committed to hold regular fundraisers throughout the year.  If there are any fundraising suggestions, please kindly let us know.

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Hockey Poll
  • Pub Night
  • Silent Auction
  • Chocolate Sales
  • Entertainment Book Sales
  • Online donation IT services

Many thanks to our community vendors for the year round donations!


In a nutshell, endless opportunities are provided for keen parents to get hands-on and be an active part of their child’s early years education!


Duty Days
A Parent Involvement Preschool (PIP) operates under the licensing guidelines to ensure that a proper child-to-adult ratio (5:1) is maintained for each school day.  A volunteer sign-up sheet will be available each month to sign up in assisting the teachers in the classroom.

Parent Education Workshops
One of the beneficial experiences that families are able to grow from a PPP/PIP program is to attend a Parent Education workshop.  We regularly invite outstanding professional speakers to come and give informative workshops on various topics to parents at no cost in the preschool.

  (Source: Hillview Parent Participation Preschool’s Parent Manual, Burnaby, BC, Canada)