Preschool Teacher – Lynda Malins


LyndaLynda discovered her passion working with young children from working at a before-and-after-school program in her teenage years. She completed the BC Family Daycare Certificate Program and cared for our children in her Burnaby home. For six years, she ran a home-based family daycare program to care for children aged from 1–8 years old.  She has held a long history with Hillview Parent Participation Preschool, beginning with the enrollment of her daughter in 1996. As a mother, she loved the preschool environment and was been inspired to become an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Instructor. In 1998, she began a new page in her career at Hillview Parent Participation Preschool as an Assistant Teacher.

Early Childhood Education Journey

She strongly believes in a learning-through-play environment where children and adults interact together for learning. Her philosophy in play-based learning is fully demonstrated through her planning of children’s activities and purposeful organization of the preschool environment. Children feel excited to come to preschool and respond warmly to her gentle approach. Over the years of teaching in Hillview Parent Participation Preschool in Burnaby, she has enjoyed learning and growing alongside the children and their families. Her dedication is eminently shown throughout the program to provide a positive and safe environment to all the children.

Professional Achievements

Along with earning her ECE certification, Lynda also completed her Special Needs Certificate in 2012.  For attaining the teaching credentials, she accumulated over 200 hours of training in her ECE Instructor program. She is a well-respected and dedicated teacher who has received several awards from the Council of Parent Participation Preschool in British Columbia (CPPPBC) for appreciation and commendation.  As a PPP teacher, Lynda attends monthly workshops with fellow teachers where she learns new skills and program ideas that keep her program vibrant.  On a monthly basis, she is committed to attend professional development workshops throughout Metro Vancouver with the Parent Participation Preschool Association (PPPTA) for continuing education.